Song with name

A song with name is a personal and unique gift for your little ones: a personalized song with their own name. A big smile is guaranteed each time they hear their name.

A personal gift

Looking for something different for new parents? A song with the own name of the newborn will be an instant success. Also a great last-minute gift: you can download the song within minutes from now. No wonder this song is a populair choice for any baby shower.

Something different

We have put a lot of effort in making a difference, we have researched what kids like to hear. In case of our lullaby, the combination of the sweet vocals and soothing guitar will put your little one out like a light. We use high quality studio equipment to offer you the best possible and most personal experience.

Excited to hear the full song? Listen below!

Our personal lullaby Tomorrow there will be another day, available with every name.

Did you find the right name? Once you have completed the ordering process, the song is available to download immediately. We have also added the instrumental version  and the lyrics in PDF-format for free. Do you picture yourself singing together with your child right before bedtime?

Perfect for everyone

A song with name doesn’t have to be for your own child, you can also look for the name of your niece or nephew. Maybe you’re looking for a very special way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby? Or how about the kid you are babysitting? This song is truly perfect for everyone.

Song with name: Baby mobile sheeps


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